The inception of Lucky Dog Publishing began in May 2005, when we launched The Island Eye News as a community newspaper for Sullivan’s Island, the Isle of Palms, and Goat Island. Two years later, at the request of local civic leaders, we added The Island Connection, a newspaper for Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island readers. The goal has always been to provide independent, objective, and balanced reporting of local news and events that are of interest to our barrier island residents, businesses and guests.

Charleston’s barrier islands have always been known to cultivate a rich tapestry of local news, politics, art, music, recreation and special events that are separate and distinct from the mainland.  The population growth of these islands, along with our upscale readership, demanded that we keep pace with the digital age. Since the mainland media cannot cover our islands as thoroughly as we can, it made sense to expand our footprint by offering web, mobile, video, and social media elements. 

In January 2023, we launched this website to complement our printed papers. Our goal for digital content development is far more comprehensive than a simple cut and paste duplicate of the newsprint version.The web and mobile sites now offer exclusive content sponsorships to local and regional advertisers, in addition to standard website ads enabling local businesses an unparalleled opportunity to reach the “dazzling demographics” associated with barrier island shoppers, all of whom purchase products and services here on the islands as well as on the mainland. 

We welcome community submissions and offer a multitude of forms embedded for user convenience on the site. Those forms include;

  • "Island Kitchens"  - found on the 'Eats' pages on both publications - where we encourage residents on barrier islands to submit an application to have their kitchen featured. A journalist as well as a professional camera person and videographer will arrange a time to stop by your home.
  •  "Eye Capture" - located on the homepages of both publications - where we'll publish a moment you captured on the island worth sharing. We welcome creativity and get excited to see the sunsets, storms, wildlife, events, etc. you've snapped photos of along your journey.
  • "Island Fisherman" - found on the 'Outdoors' pages of both publications - where we encourage island fishermen with a great story or photo to share from a recent trip out on the water. 
  • "One Lucky Dog" - found on the homepages of both websites - where we'll showcase your dog and why he or she deserves to be in the lucky dog club. This has been a fan favorite for decades and a feature that's been incorporated within our publications since their inception. 

We also implore you, your business, or organization to promote your own events by submitting them yourself directly on the 'Events' page or under any floating calendar you come across on the web pages. Our system is so advanced that you can even include direct links for our audiences to purchase tickets or register for the event right from the site. 

Other community submissions we welcome include but are not limited to; press releases, news tips, story ideas, and any questions you may have.  If you need to promote your organization or business, please contact our advertising department to help you achieve those goals.

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